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Simple Ways to Cozy Up Your Space

How amazing it is to get ideas from the top interior designers and the Best Architects in Kerala to style your home? Spazeport has its services offered in different parts of Kerala. Our Interior Designers in Pathanamthitta are famous for their exclusive designs and styling ideas.
So here are a few expert tips on the simple ways to cozy up your space.

Use rugs on the sofa
The days may be slightly warm but the evenings will be a little cooler. Add a couple of throw rugs to the sofa in colors that work with the rest of the color palette in the room to snuggle under while watching TV.

Feather inserts in all of your scatter cushions
One of our Best Interior Designers in Kottayam suggests to swap out the polyester inserts that come standard with most decorative pillows while styling, to give coziness. It is always good to go up a size with the feather insert too as that means the cushion will keep it’s shaped a lot longer and save you fluffing up the sofa cushions every five seconds.

Rugs that go all the way under the sofa
There’s also a higher tendency of using a rug which is too small for the room. Not only does a bigger rug help zone the room nicely and make the furniture look in proportion to the room but it also helps add to the cozy factor by guaranteeing you’re stepping off the sofa down onto a nice warn rug down. The aim with the above-mentioned rug size is to have the front feet of your sofa to be resting on the rug.

Mood up, Lights up
Relying on downlights to light your room is subtle but it doesn’t give you any flexibility to add to the mood or ambiance. Floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces are less severe with their light direction so add a nice warm wash of light throughout the room which will make you feel good.

Adding Characters
One of the most important elements our architects and interior designers do is capturing the essence of the client’s personality and finding ways to inject that into their home. This is usually done by adding some of their favorite memories. It could also be like they took some amazing photos of sunrises on their travels during university so we frame these and put them on display. Or it’s something they’ve inherited from a loved one and want to find a way to have it on exhibit in their space that’s significant.

Window Dressings
As you can see from above, most of these tips include soft furnishings so we can’t ignore the window treatments as well. Curtains are always a preference when selecting window dressings for clients, says our expert Interior Designers in Pathanamthitta. Certain styles of windows or rooms dictate what therapy you opt for but in a bedroom or living room. For example, softening the walls with a linen or cotton textured curtain will always look good. These don’t need to be necessarily expensive. But always ensure that you hang the rod either directly above the window casing or up near the ceiling if you can get curtains long enough to still sit level with the floor. There’s nothing worse than seeing short curtains that finish 35cm’s before the floor.

For more such expert tips,  tricks and hacks, book an appointment with the Best Architects in Kerala. Spazeport has all your interior designing requirements covered.